A Proven Photography Pricing Model
To Sell Art & Files.

The 2019 Updated Pricing & Product Suite gives you:

A proven-to-sell, but simple portrait product line with vendor resources.
A pricing model that has been tested over 8 years with real studio clients.
A hybrid pricing structure for photographers that offers BOTH files and art.
A model that averages our studio over $1000 per client.
Built-in incentives that encourage a client to spend more.
A beautiful way to present and market your products to clients.

Detailed Pricing Data

These templates incude ALL pricing information. There are no secrets. Use our pricing method as is, or adjust it for your own market and strategy - knowing these numbers will meet your COGS and make your studio profitable. Plus, you can customize it to your market demands.

A Hybrid Model

Do your clients want digital files? This "Create Your Own Collection" model is a way to sell the files profitably, but also makes sure clients leave with a printed product too. What's the point of hiring a professional if you don't print the images? This model makes sure they do!

A Strategy That Sells Itself

 This pricing has built in incentives so your clients WANT to spend more. We believe in the "soft-sell" approach, yet we know we need to make our average sale with every client to survive. Strategic pricing with "un-salesy" incentives does just that.

Switching From An All-Digital Model?

This model is a perfect transition! You can still offer the files, but you also get your clients to invest in art in a simple, easy to produce way. Win-Win!

A Proven System For Reliable Revenue

When every client who walks through your door spends your average sale needs, you can start to predict your monthly and annual revenue, and allows you to simply focus on getting enough clients in your door. It allows you to plan a fiscal budget and allocate funds for marketing, equipment, and overall growth.

The all new Pricing Suite is designed to get each client to spend approximately $1000 on their session, but it also has an attractive entry point so clients are not overwhelmed by price when they first commission you. As you take them through your process and they experience your service level, combined with the structure and incentives built into the pricing model, they are naturally encouraged to spend more without you having to conduct "pushy" sales methods.

Can't Figure Out What Products To Carry?

Having trouble deciding which vendors to work with?
This Suite will give you a ready-to-use, simple and proven product line.

Invest In A Proven
Pricing & Product System

Tested over 8 years in our studio. Used with every client, every day.
Start getting the average sale you want right now.

Pricing Suite


 Photoshop Templates Include:

30-page Investment Guide

2-Page Product Price Sheet

Tri-Fold CYOC Brochure

Unlimited Access

Immediate Download

Customizable Templates

Customization Instructions

Product Resources

Printing Resources

Cost of Goods Calculator


What's Included

Our recently updated studio investment guide is now available for your own portrait business. Hours and hours of design work, strategic thinking, business planning plus 8+ years of client testing has gone into this guide!

The pricing is structured as a “Create Your Own” collection model. The client simply has to follow the two steps to create their own portrait collection. It’s a fantastic solution to traditional packages because the client can choose from any number of art products—from wall art to albums—and get their digital files on USB.

1. Choose One:  A Signature Art Product (canvas, prints, standouts, albums)
2. Choose Digital Files:  Small or Large

A perfect HYBRID model.

Your purchase includes:

  • Layered .psd files - Change the text, colors, layout and/or personalize it to your own branding (can be resized for any lab).
  • A Full Pricing Structure - A “Hybrid” (printed art *and* digital) Create Your Own Collection Model that you can implement in your studio right away.
  • Instructions - Specialized walk-throughs for customization.
  • Studio Examples - Our studio collateral previewed in .jpg format to jump start your customization inspiration.
  • Resource PDF - All vendors for the major products included in the guide. Where to get them and what to order, also including how we manage the sales of digital files and educating the client on printing a good quality print.
  • 30-page Product Guide - Complete with text, product descriptions, and most imagery.
  • Tri-fold Brochure - All text and layout design included in layered .psd files.
  • Pricing Menu - Designed list of all products and pricing in layered .psd files.

The prices have been determined against our studio’s cost of goods, so you will need to check to make sure these prices work with your own COGS and market structure. Make sure your market can bear these prices. In some cases, you will need to make them higher!  Pricing is included for prints, gallery wrap canvas, custom shadow box mounts, and exhibition canvas frames, and albums.  We have samples of all our products here at the studio. Show what you want to sell!


The Product/Investment Guide is formatted for a Millers  8 x 10 vertical Signature Album. We have it printed in our studio and it’s what clients refer to during the sales appointment. You m ay choose to list prices or simply have it serve as a product catalog. We also have an online version that is part of our client information website. Any page can be customized to your liking.

The Pricing Sheet is formatted to printed as 8 x 10 sheets which can be slipped into a 2-sided folio available from Rice Studio Supply or Photographers Supply Co.

The brochure is formated as a 8 x 14 tri-fold printed from Vista Print.

We offer two types of sessions in our studio:

-Our Platinum line features our high-end sessions for the entire family.
-Our Jems line features our affordable mini-sessions for baby or single subject only.

The Complete Studio Price Bundle serves as the product guide for both Jems sessions and Platinum sessions.


What’s Included in this bundle:

Complete Studio Price Guide (Album) in layered .psd format.

General Studio Brochure With Abbreviated Pricing in layered .psd format.

Detailed Folio Price List in layered .psd format with all sizes and prices listed.

Instructions for customizing, including video screencast.

Resources for products.


What's NOT Included In This Purchase.

Room Views In The Guide

The rooms used in the investment guide album are from Ariana Falerni. She has graciously agreed to offer this special edition, specially priced series for photographers who purchase the guide.

You will find a link to purchase this SPECIAL EDITION SET inside the the Pricing Guide download area.