Systemize Your Newborn Workflow

The Newborn Session Workflow System helps you create a solid workflow for booking your baby clients, preparing parents for a successful shoot and helping you create a seamless flow to your sessions, editing and client tracking. Having a system in place for newborn sessions is incredibly important to your business, your sanity, and most importantly, to your quality of customer service.

Shooting & Editing Processes

See our shot lists and posing workflow we use for every newborn session which guarantees us a full and wide gallery. Plus learn our culling and image folder hierarchy, editing process and more! Get your sessions efficient and your image galleries full with irresistible variety.

Behind-The-Scenes Access

See our back-end, behind-the-scenes, password protected information that we only show clients. Look first-hand, how we take a client through the booking process and prepare them with multiple avenues of information.

Workflow & Client Education

Get a step-by-step process that ensures the highest booking rate. Implement valuable client materials that help you educate your clients on  what to wear, how to prepare and more. Use valuable swipe files for tracking client session progress & make sure nothing falls through the cracks!

Create Amazing Customer Service

When every client who walks through your door has the same high-level experience, you create a reliable and consistent pattern which your customer can rely on, you appear professional and competent, employees can repeat it and you can systematically check off!

The newborn session booking system will take you through the entire process—from the very first phone call, to the follow up correspondence—helping you develop a system in your studio you can depend on.

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Newborn Session Workflow System



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What's Included

  • Step-By-Step Workflow - a highly-detailed outline to track each client as they go through your studio experience. This coordinates with the File Checklist and Workflow Chart below. It includes links to other products in our shop we use in our studio that you may want to add to your system.
  • Client File Checklist - print and attach to every client folder to track workflow.
  • Workflow Chart - print this and use it to track all your clients/orders progress in one spot. Or copy it to a large white board and hang in your studio for a visual reference.
  • Parenting/Family Pre-Session Questionnaire - have each family fill this out before their session. Upload it to a place like 17 Hats, wufoo.com or DocuSign and have your clients electronically sign it. 
  • Studio Policies - A list of studio policies you can provide to clients that also serves as a portrait contract. Upload to your online Family Pre-Session questionnaire (17Hats, wufoo.com or DocuSign) and have clients electronically provide a legal signature for it. 
  • Booking & Digital Delivery Emails - Written correspondence to welcome and provide booking information to your clients, along with written correspondence for delivering digital files online after the sale is complete.
  • Newborn Preparation Guide - Directions to parents on how to prepare their baby and themselves for their session. Send the PDF to clients when they book and upload to your client info website
  • Access to Our Private, Password Protected Client Site - Look at how we present information to clients and “borrow” from our model! Use the private site to create your own version. Your purchase includes passwords and accessibility to everything “behind the scenes” here at Jewel Images.
  • 17 Hats Client Project & Questionnaire Set Up - Instructional Video guiding you through  Questionnaire set-up in 17 Hats.
  • Newborn Wrapping Tutorial - Instructional video highlighting our most commonly used wraps.
  • Everyday Newborn Post-Processing - Instructional video on post-processing in photoshop which includes our Image Workflow & Organization tutorial below.
  • Image Workflow & Organization Tutorial - See how we organize our files, back up our systems and our client's images move through our studio in this instruction video.
  • Newborn Shot List & Session Flow Checklist - Use this to help you create more efficient shooting workflow with newborns. It will help you keep your session times under 2 hours!
  • Newborn Prop & Vendor Resources List - A list of favorite vendors and exclusive coupon codes for added savings!
  • Newborn Posing Workbook - Our work book in electronic format with instructions and inspiration for our most used newborn poses on both the beanbag, in props and with mom and dad.