Get The $10K Per Day
Mini Session Formula That Works

Our brand new course "Mastering Mini Sessions" is a proven formula for making minis sessions a success. Used for over 8 years in two successful studios, this mini sessions methodology consistently earns our studios $10k per event day.

What You'll Learn In This New Online Course.

And How It Will Help You Systemize and Solidly Book Your Mini Sessions.

Fill Your Calendar

When you understand how to differentiate, you'll no longer worry about the $50 all inclusive photog down the street. Understand what makes a client want YOU and how to use the buying triggers to get them to book.

Make Money

Learn how to price your mini sessions, and create a package structure that's profitable. Plus, create a product line that attracts your ideal client, differentiates you from others, AND gets you over $500 per mini session.

Get More Clients

A solid, strategic launch plan will get your minis known in your community. Learn how to tactically market your event with Julia's Pre-launch, Pre-release and Open launch strategy. 

Course Structure

5 Content Modules & Free Template Bonuses

"My Mini Sessions Never Fill Up!"

Booking a full mini session calendar is the sure way to get towards the $10k per day goal. So how do you fill your minis to the brim? It's a combination of differentiation, creating the unique look, designing an experience for your client and using the right marketing launch formula. Learn how in 'Mastering Mini Sessions.'


Bonuses Included

Done for you freebies and swipe files that will get you going on your next mini session event with ease. All are included with your purchase.

  • Complete Product Template Library
  • Customizable Pricing Collateral
  • Customizable Marketing Collateral
  • Resources & Vendors List

Course Tuition

A short, actionable and easy-to-consume course with anytime access.




Instant Access

5 Course Modules

3 Hours Of Video Training

2x Live Course Calls

Video Downloads

All Bonus Materials

Two Instructors


Your Instructors

Two women who have been a combined 20 years of expereince with mini sessions.

Julia Kelleher, M.Photog., M.Artist., Cr., CPP

Julia is worldwide educator specializing in marketing and sales for photographers. She speaks at Imaging USA, WPPI and is hailed as one of the top ten educators featured on Creative Live. She runs a multi-6-figure studio specializing in children and family portraits in Bend, OR.

Jenny Mason, CPP

Running her studio in Orange County, CA, Jenny has been lucratively holding mini session events for over 10 years. Julia's sister, Jenny quietly kills it shooting over 150 sessions a year. She is an expert systems girl, having turned her mini session events into a well-oiled machine. Jenny begin her business in 2005 and built it almost exclusively on mini sessions for the first 3 years.