Book All Your Inquiries

Of all the potential clients who call, how many do you actually book? Are you struggling to convert inquiries to paying clients? This course is for you.

Phone Scripts & Sample Calls

Listen to mock phone calls, both the ones that result in a paying client and those that don't. Learn what to say and how to say it for connection, education and ultimately a new client who's willing to say "Ok, I'll pay."

Complete Consultation Kit

Our fully layered, customizable pre-consultation collateral kit. Educate your clients and welcome them to your studio with this professionally designed marketing kit.

Booking Strategy

Learn the tricks & tips it takes to make your studio stand out on the phone with a potential client. Build their trust and "sell" your experience so that price is no longer a factor. Crush your competition with a booking strategy that works!

Communicate Effortlessly


Build your client's trust so they are excited to work with you and pricing is no longer in the way. Educate your clients so that the understand the print art image is what will last. Overcome the 'I want digital files' client and help them realize WHY a final product is the way to go. Connect with your clients and learn the right way to bring up pricing. And deal with 'problem' clients who only want to communicate via email.

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The Bridge To Booking



Unlimited & Immediate Access

Video & Audio Download

Customizable Templates

Printable Workflow Sheets

Scripts & Wording


What's Included

  • Session Prep Video Lesson
  • Inquiry Call Checklist - make sure you hit all the points you want to make and plant the seed of the sale from the start
  • Consultation Collateral - layered .psd files to create an information packet for your clients; this includes: Appointment Reminder Card, Pre-session Questionnaire, Referral Card and Welcome Card templates
  • Client Education Collateral - layered .psd files for communicating your process with clients; this includes: Digital File & Printing Education Brochure, Details of the Experience card, Product Highlights card, Investment Guide and Clothing & Decor Style Guide templates
  • Inquiry Call Scripts - mock calls written out so you can have a system for taking control of the call and have a response for our most common questions 
  • Inquiry Response Emails - swipe files for when phone numbers are disconnected for fake; through but still encourages clients to get on the phone to receive more specific information
  • Mock Inquiry Call Recordings